Monday, February 19, 2007

mount everest

when you are climbing Mount Everest you need to know some of the dangers that come along with the trip that your are about to do and the risks you are about to take. Mount Everest can got to triple digits below zero and wind chillsbelow that. You could have sudden blizzards, avalanches, mile-deep crevasses and sheer terrain. To these you can get fatal mountain illnesses such as pulmonary edema, where the lungs fillwith liquids, or cerebral ebema, where the brain fills with liquids. To the lack of thick air, your oxygen content is 1/3 of what it is at sea level, which requires 4 times as many breathes. The air is so dry that your water content in your blood drops from 50% to 15%, which makes you more vonurable to frost bite. You can get a hacking cough that is so violent that you can crack your ribs when you cough. The air is so thin that you can start to hallucinate and make impaired judgements and cant think straight. To the freezing cold weather you are at a high potential to lose fingers and toes. With the lack of air you can lose brain cells which will not grow back. i got alot of my info from this one

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